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Paul S

“I recently purchased a 150s Australian Merino Wool suit with a Giza cotton shirt from Sindhur Tailors, and I couldn't be happier with my decision. The bespoke fit and high-quality materials make this the most comfortable and stylish suit I've ever owned. Plus, the value assurance is unbeatable! Highly recommended."

John Mays

"Buying a 160s Australian Merino Wool suit from Sindhur Tailors was one of the best investments I've made in my wardrobe. The attention to detail and personalized service were exceptional. The suit fits perfectly, and the additional French cuff shirt and spare trouser were a fantastic bonus. Excellent quality at a great price!"

Mark Johnson

“Sindhur Tailors exceeded my expectations with their $649 suit package. The 140s Australian Merino Wool suit and Giza cotton shirt are of outstanding quality. The bespoke fit ensures I look sharp and professional every time I wear it. Their experienced professionals really know their craft, and the value assurance means I got the best deal. I highly recommend their services!”

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